What now?

First of all, I'm sorry that I'm writing this post so late. I should have posted it right after the voting has ended, but I also wanted to prepare for Christmas, spend it with my family, and have a little break until the new year. But now that we have 2019, I will explain some things about this game.

Game Jam results

So the Game Off 2018 game jam has ended, and Xmas 1940, out of all 331 entries, has been placed on 169th place. Well it's not that bad, judging by it's score and it's position, the game is just ok. I think it could easily score higher, if I haven't done few issues. One of the issues is, well, much like in my previous project called Tactical Typing, marketing. I didn't do much to promote my game unfortunately, and so it only got three ratings. The other issue, is that the permadeath system, wasn't executed well. Starting game form the beginning, most of the times, is pretty monotonous and annoying. And the main issue, that did the most harm, is the fact that I've started the development of this game, 10 days after the game jam has started. I'm positive, that if I have had more time, I would make this game much better. If not for these issues, I'm sure this game would have scored better. But this was my first game made for a jam. Next time I make a game jam game, I'll make sure to avoid the same mistakes.

The future of this game

Now that the game jam is over, I should probably tell you what am I going to do next with this project. Well, unfortunately, not much. As I said on the game page, this is just a small silly game, made for a game jam, and this it shall remain. I never really planed on expanding this game, I just wanted to create a game in a short time for a game jam, that's all. I've also wanted to create a some sort of flight simulator, so that I can experiment on implementing aerodynamics into a game, so that I'll have a ready flight engine I could use in the future. That being said, if I ever create a different game, that will also be a flight simulator, I will use flight engine from this game, albeit obviously edited to be more complex. But this game itself, aside from update I'm planning, will not be expanded. 

Speaking of the update, I'm planning to fix some issues with the current version, and to add stuff I didn't manage to add during the development. This update should be released within this, or maybe next week. I didn't post any updates during the voting phase, because I thought this wasn't allowed. Now that the voting is over, I definitely can and will update this game.

That's all I wanted to say about this first game jam entry of mine. Thank you all for rating and/or playing this game, it means a lot to me!

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