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What is Xmas 1940?

Xmas 1940 is a dogfighting game, set in the year 1940. You're playing as Santa Claus, whom has replaced his sleigh with an armored airplane, because there's a war going on! Your objective in this game, is to deliver presents to the marked houses, while fighting/avoiding enemies. Your airplane is equipped with a gun, which you can use to neutralize your foes, and a present cannon, through which you deliver your presents by firing it at the marked houses. Keep in mind, that even tho this game is just a little silly game, the flight mechanics are a bit more realistic than your average arcade dogfighting game, and they might be needing getting used to. You can also customize your airplane for the cash you earn in missions. This game has no end goal, you can only get higher scores.


This game has been created for Game Off 2018 jam, ten days after it has started. Due to a late start, and a low amount of free time I had, this game didn't had all of the features I wanted to implement. Maybe after the jam, it'll be worked upon a little bit more.


Xmas 1940 v1.1.zip 71 MB
Xmas 1940.zip 71 MB

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My short gameplay :)

Thank you for the gameplay!

Well done. Fun and unique. We'll be adding this on MajorGeeks tomorrow so if you update it later drop us an email at mgnews AT majorgeeks.com please.