Swift Survivors, is a fast-paced survival game created for Game Off 2019 game jam, which you can play in your own internet browser!

You play as a survivor, whose job is to survive as long as possible, by eating food, avoiding hazards like hostile mobs or radiation, and most importantly, escaping from nuclear bombardment. Gameplay is divided into rounds, and each round has a different biome, map layout, available resources, monuments with treasures, and fauna. Your objective is to explore and exploit as much of the map's content as possible, but you won't be able to stay on any map forever! After few minutes from the beginning of the round, a nuke will be detonated, and if you won't leave the map via evacuation tunel by then, you'll die. 

This game has been created in 30 days for the Game Off 2019 game jam, in unity. Throughout the development, I've focused more on the content of the final product, and not so much about bug testing. That being said, if you encounter any bugs/glitches/typos in the game, please leave a feedback!

Thank you for playing!

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