(PREVIEW) Bonus challenges and Campaign

So, it has been quite some time since the last post. I've been playing the whole campaign to see if it is beatable and bug-free, and I've also been working on the bonus challenges!


After few hours of playing and completing the whole campaign, I can say that it is beatable, although some levels might be hard for those who have not mastered this game. It is also bug-free, and typo-free (for the most part, at least).

Now I can say that the campaign is done!

Bonus Challenges

(This is how bonus challenges menu will look like)

Another promised feature of the full version, are bonus challenges! They were pretty easy to implement, since they are considered by the game as regular campaign missions, the only differences are the fact that they are all unlocked at the start of the game, and that they cannot be beaten (you can only gain higher scores). 

There are only five bonus challenges, and they are:

  • Minefield - your objective is to reach the end of the map by following a path made of red keys, and avoiding grey ones. There's only one problem: whenever you move, you obviously color all of the keys around you, and you're not red nor grey, so you have to memorise which keys are red and which ones are grey. If you don't memorise them, you might step on a grey key, and that will end your game.
  • Target Practice - every turn, few targets will be spawned all around the map, and you'll have to collect them in less than five seconds, without stepping on a wrong key.
  • Whack-a-Mole - it's pretty similar to the Target Practice, except it's real time. To be more precise, every few seconds, moles will be spawned on the map, and you'll have to collect them before there will be more than five moles on the map, and of course you cannpt step on an empty key!
  • Endless Duel - as the name suggests, you are in a 1v1 battle, except when you get rid of your foe, next one will appear.
  • Survival - this one is a bit complicated. You are wandering around the map, every ten turns a day passes by, you need to collect food and medicine, every so often a random event might occur (such as: merchant passing by, supplies drop, bandit/zombies attack), if you run out of food or your infection reaches high level you die, and you have to survive as many days as possible.

That's all of the progress from the past nine days. Now that I have created campaign and bonus challanges, I'll do local multiplayer next. 

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