About current progress and the future

I've noticed that the last post talking about the game development, was about 13 days ago (I'm not including the page redesign post, since that one was about the game page and not the game itself). I didn't had much time since then, because the vacations have ended for me, and that has reduced my free time significantly. But now, that I've got a little bit of free time, I would like to talk about the current progress of the development, and about the further plans!

Current progress

Since the game now has all of the promised features, I've been mostly focusing on tweaking the already existing content and some visuals. But unfortunately, while play testing, I've noticed some bugs and typos. I don't think there are a lot of these, so fixing them shouldn't take me that much time, and if some make it through, I'll release a patch fixing it. But polishing and bugs aside, the game, is more or less finished.

The Future

As I previously mentioned, the game is almost complete. After I finish all the polishing/tweaking/fixing stuff, I should announce the release date. The post regarding the release date announcement, shouldn't appear after the september 23rd, because I want to have at least a week before the actual release (so that I can prepare for it), and because the Q3 2018 ends on september 30th.

That's all I wanted to say about the current progress, and the future of the development of this game. I'm sorry that the development has slowed down, I just don't have much free time now that my vacations are over. Either way, I hope that this post has satisfied your curiosity!

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