(PREVIEW) Local Multiplayer and further development

So it wasn't really that long ago since the last post about the development of this game, but that's because this particular element of the game was pretty easy to implement. 

The basic premise of the local multiplayer

Local multiplayer is a game mode, in which you can customize the game however you want! Before the game starts, you can change nearlly all of the variables of the round, such as: amount of players, winning conditions, timeout time/form, and many more!


The ability to customize game rounds existed long before the release of the first demo version, all it needed was a menu in which you could actually customize the round, and that's what I've been working on! Here is how that menu will look like:

(The second image shows Game Settings)

These options define and change:

First Image:

  • Color of player - the color of a player, you can choose between 6 different colors
  • Type of player - who is in control of the player
  • Set starting key - the starting position of a player
  • Change player's name - name of a player
  • Game settings - shows you game settings
  • Map - the background map
  • Change amount of players - the amount of players, you can choose from 2 to 6

Second Image (Game Settings)

  • Winning condition - what actions have to be taken in order to win
  • Timeout at turn - at which turn timeout will occure
  • Timeout form - what will actually happen when timeout occures
  • Send special - changes the frequency at which specials appear
  • Turn time in seconds - how much time you have before your turn ends
  • Special for players - adds a special perk to players, for example: immortality, longer drawing radius, etc
  • Special for game - adds a twist to the gameplay, for example: random airstrikes, blank keys, inability to draw keys via movement, etc
  • Initial moves - changes the amount of moves of the player at the beginning of his turn

As you can see, there's a lot of stuff to modify. This amount of customization is sure to provide you with a countless possible scenarios to play!

Further development

And thus, all of the promised features from the demo, have been implemented into the final game. But that doesn't mean that the game is ready to be published yet! I still have to check if everything is working correctly, polish some stuff, tweak mechanics, and so on. But all of this stuff shouldn't take me that much time to do. Since Q3 2018 is coming to an end, and I promised to release this game somewhere in Q3 2018, I should announce the release date pretty soon!

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