Version 1.1 - Local Multiplayer Update

Local Multiplayer has been updated!

So I've decided to add some stuff to the Local Multiplayer, and now there's more variety to the game. I've also added more options to the Local Multiplayer to choose from, so that rounds can be even more personalized. Aside from all the multiplayer stuff, there have also been some small bug fixes and changes not related to the Local Multiplayer.

Here are more details on the update:

New Local Multiplayer menu and options

As you can see, there are few key differences visible in the menu.

The first thing, is that the options to change Color/Name/Type/Starting Key of a player aren't present in the menu. These options have been moved to "Players settings" subcategory, which looks something like this:

You can also see, that there are more options to customize a player. These new options are:

  • Max health of player: changes maximum health of a player
  • Starting power: changes amount of power points which are given to a player on the start of the round
  • Special perk of player: special perks are basically the equivalent of "special for players" from before the update, the only difference is that now they can be applied to an individual player and not all of the players (and we've also removed the "special for players" from "Game settings" subcategory)

The second thing, is that the rectangles that contain informations about the players, are now bigger. They've been resized due to bigger amount of player customization options.

And the last thing is the "Reset settings" option. As the name suggests, it'll undo every change to the options inside the local multiplayer menu. It's pretty useful, now that there are more options than before.

More stuff to choose from

Aside from adding new options, I've also added new stuff to the new and already existing options! That stuff is:

1. New timeout form, called "Bombardment". When timeout occurs, 1-2 gray Paint Bombs will be dropped randomly across the map

2. New special perks:

  • Invisibility - player will be invisible to everyone, unless it's his turn, or is frozen/poisoned
  • Health Regeneration - every turn, player will regenerate his health (The amount of regenerated health is 1 + Half of player's power)

3. New specials for game:

  • Hidden Landmine - there are two gray landmines placed randomly across the entire map. If one of the landmines gets detonated, instead of getting removed (like normal landmines) it'll be moved to a different, random key
  • Keys Switching - every turn, two random keys (that belong to someone) will switch their colors with one another
  • Double special drop - whenever special appears, two specials will appear instead of one

4. New player colors, these colors are: Cyan, Violet, Mint Green, and White. Here's a picture showing the colors:

Other changes

Besides Local Multiplayer, I've made some changes to other things that aren't necessarily related to the Local Multiplayer.

1. Now there are visual and audible effects during the timeout phase. Previously, when the timeout occurred, (aside from the timeout itself) nothing really happened, there weren't any effects that would indicate occurrence of timeout. That has changed, and now, when the timeout occurs:

  • Background color will start flashing red color
  • In the part of the hud where it says which turn it is, instead of saying "Turn X", it'll say "Turn X   TIMEOUT"
  • Music will change from current map theme, to Corruption map theme

2. And now, everyone's favorite: Bug Fixes! The bugs that were caught and fixed were:

  • Broken random number generation system
  • Entering player's name, not working as intended

These bugs are no longer a thing, and now there are no bugs in this game! Ok, there are still bugs in this game, but less than before.

So that was the first update after the release, that besides fixing bugs, actually changed the content of the game! As it turns out, I'm not ending the development on the full version. Well let's hope that I'm gonna keep coming up with new ideas for this game, so that there will be more content!

But for now, thank you for reading and/or playing, if you have any feedback, leave it in a comment below this post, and enjoy this year's Halloween! Oh wait, it's November 1st... and enjoy this year's All Saints' Day!


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