The past, the present, and the future

So in the last post talking about the bug fixes, I have mentioned, that I'll release a post talking about the current state of the game. By the current state of the game, I meant the first two weeks after the release, but I will also talk about the past and the future of this project.

The first two weeks

The first two weeks after the release of version 1.0, went actually pretty good! I was really shocked when I've noticed that this game gained 95 views, and has been downloaded 31 times, day after the release! Now, I don't know if those are good numbers, but compared to the amount of views and downloads per day before the release, that was a really nice surprise. The only thing that kinda sucked, is that the feedback, was pretty much non-existent, unfortunately. But besides the feedback, the rest I'm considering as a success!

What went wrong, and what went right

There are some errors I've done during the development, mainly the time it took to complete the project. This game took eight months to finish, EIGHT MONTHS. There are few reason as to why it took so long though, mainly lack of spare time, and me being anxious when it came to publishing the game/updates/posts. The other thing that went wrong, was the PR. Much like the publishing, I was anxious about it (and also didn't know how to actually do it), and so, the PR was pretty much non-existent.

But even with those errors, there were things that went right. For once, I have actually completed and published a game. Out of hundreds (if not thousands) projects I've started, this one is the first one to see the light of the day, and to be considered finished! The other successful thing, was the fact that all of the promised features of the full version, have been added. I also think, that the main premise of the game (using your keyboard as a battlefield), was a good and unique concept, that has been executed right.

The future of the project

The future of this project, is now uncertain. I consider this a finished game, and so I don't really need to add more content to it. I don't need to, but I can. As of now, I don't know if I am going to add anything to this game, or leave it as it is. Perhaps if I come up with an idea for a new stuff, that would enhance the game, I might add it. But for now, all I can guarantee, are small bug fixes (if there will be any bugs of course, if you encounter any bug, please leave a comment below this post!).

And for now, that's all I wanted to say about this project. Thank you for reading it, and for checking this project out!

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