Version 1.0.1

So the full version was released, but with a few bugs. Fortunately, I've managed to find these bugs and I've repaired them. Sorry that I haven't posted anything about the game in the past 12 days, I just didn't had much time lately. I should make a post talking about the current state of the game pretty soon, so stay tuned!


  • Some of the visual effects speeds were depended on the framerate (if your game was running in 60 fps, things would move twice faster than in 30 fps). Now, these speeds should be constant, no matter what framerate you have!
  • One of the campaign level was working incorrectly on DVORAK keyboard layout, that has been fixed.
  • Added a little goodbye message when quitting the game. The message says "Thank you for playing Tactical Typing"


Tactical Typing 83 MB
Oct 10, 2018

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